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YOHHA Harley 319 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter (7011430432936)

YOHHA Harley 319 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter

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Do you want a scooter with a stylish design and useful features? Ausnew has you covered, mate! The Ausnew Home Care YOHHA Harley 319 Four Wheel Mobility Scooter features a unique cool appearance that will make your journey more entertaining than ever! So, what do you have to lose? Purchase today!

The Ausnew Harley 319 lightweight four-wheel mobility scooter by YOHHA  comes with a classic looking mid – 20th-century look and feel with curved bubble-like fenders and round headlight this path rider mobility scooter will turn heads as you drive around.

As a four-wheel mobility scooter goes, this one will take you places with ease, as the video shows, and the Harley 319 will travel on different terrains such as grass, bumpy surfaces, and certainly giving you peace of mind.

This YOHHA 319 four-wheel mobility scooter is easily transported in the boot of your car for when you visit the shopping mall and handy for quick trips to the local deli.

The Harley 319 portable lightweight folding commuter scooter also has enough juice in the battery to take you up to 25Kms. 


✔️ Improved Suspension; To be able to go over bumps smoothly
✔️ Cool Classic Look; The Harley lightweight mobility scooter looks great with all the modern technology with the classic look to get noticed.
✔️ Batteries: Fast Charger 10AH 36V to keep you going for 1000 cycles, which means, the battery should last about 4-5 years.
✔️ Braking: Electromagnetic brakes mean you are maintenance-free and driving is quiet with the two brushless 250W motors.
✔️ Lighting: The Harley lightweight mobility scooter has LED lighting on the front and back.
✔️ Foldability: Easily folds compact to put into the boot of your car.
✔️ Fits easily into the boot of virtually all sedans.
✔️ Small and portable for train and airplane travel.
✔️ Safely supports up to 120kg.
✔️ Lightweight Aerospace aluminum-alloy frame – No rust.
(Unit Only 25kg)
✔️ Spins on own circle.
✔️ Quiet brushless motors.
✔️ Intelligent auto handle steering system.
✔️ Reliable and precise battery life.
✔️ 36V/10AH Lithium battery.
✔️ Easily travels on different surfaces – Gravel – Grass – Cobbled – Wet grass
✔️ Choice of colours: Blue & Red.

The seat neatly opens and folds and is easily removed when you want to put it into the boot of your car.

You can also easily drive this funky electric 4 wheel mobility scooter indoors or outdoor effortlessly and is great for small spaces with a 97cm turning radius.

The seat and backrest on the Harley 319 are comfortable which means easy and joyful driving.

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