Daresbury Rise Recline Chair

Daresbury Rise Recline Chair

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The Ausnew Daresbury is an elegant, petite, stylish Rise and Recline Chair. It offers superior comfort and is available in three fashionable colours.

The compact design single motor offers both lift and recline action. Each chair has an easy to use 2 button control handset.

The Ausnew Daresbury Chair has a high-quality OKIN single motor drive system.

The chair is fully certified to British Standards. This chair must be placed at least 67cm (26") away from the wall for daily operation.

✔️ Stylish Petite Chair
✔️ Three-section backrest
✔️ Easy to use two-button hand control
✔️ Quality OKIN actuators
✔️ Side pocket
✔️ Handset holder conveniently placed on the armrest
✔️ Battery back up facility
✔️ 1 year warranty
✔️ Weight capacity 160kg


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