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Dinkum R120 Reclining Electric Wheelchair (7747728834797)

Dinkum R120 Reclining Electric Wheelchair

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This Ausnew electric wheelchair with a recliner represents the next generation of compact and lightweight reclining electric wheelchairs.

The Dinkum R120 is an extremely lightweight portable electric wheelchair with a recliner weighing in at only 28kg and is airplane compliant.

The R120 electric wheelchair with recliner is versatile enough to get you around your home and spins on its own circle being only 58cm wide, it allows easy driving in narrow passageways.

The seating has an improved asymmetrical memory cushion, which is shaped to encourage better posture to minimise lower backpressure.

The seat is situated in proportion to the flip-up footrest and will drive up a 12° hill with ease, and the lower back part of the chair is left open to allow maximum airflow.

The suspension when driving over a bumpy surface, the tyre will squeeze in to take the impact, and the rear tyre has great traction being 12″ on most grass types.

The Dinkum R120 Plus has 2 x 250W quiet brush motors and is great on various terrains such as wet grass, wet grassy hills, gravel, cobbled paving, etc. 


✔️ Fits easily into the boot of virtually all sedans.
✔️ Small and portable for train, and airplane travel.
✔️ Safely supports up to 130kg.
✔️ Lightweight Aerospace aluminum-alloy frame – No rust.
✔️ Eco-Friendly surface treatment thermal transfer paintwork
✔️ Removable, washable seat cushion and back rest.
✔️ Perforated front and rear tyres – improves suspension.
✔️ Flip-up foot rest.
✔️ 360° LCD joystick controller – Reliable & easy to use.
✔️ 15cm ground clearance – comparable with all-terrain models.
✔️ Intelligent auto handle system with manual release.
✔️ Reliable and precise battery-life indicator.
✔️ 2x 24V/6AH Lithium battery – chargeable on board.
✔️ Easily travels on different surfaces – Gravel – Grass – Cobbled.
✔️ Choice of colours: Black/Red Combo – Silver

What Comes in the Box

  1. R120 Reclining electric wheelchair.
  2. Headrest.
  3. Operators Manual.
  4. Basic tool Kit.

 FREE & FAST DELIVERY | 2-7 Business Days Australia Wide
⭐ 2-Year Warranty on Frame
⭐ 18-Months Warranty on Battery



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