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Lumbar Support Belt

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Forget about pain! The Ausnew Back Brace gives you immediate & lasting relief from a herniated disc, sciatica, back pain, sore muscles and other back conditions. Wear it when you walk, bend or stretch. Enjoy the freedom of movement!

This medical brace incorporates an adjustable lumbar pad to provide extra compression for your lower back. Vertical support stays stabilize your back and prevent rolling. Get the support you need to stay active

Breathable fabrics are used in the production with its adjustable, perfect fit design make it comfortable and easy to wear under any clothes. 

✔️ Forget About pain
✔️ Needed Support
✔️ Be comfortable and confident again
✔️ Slimming effect

Size Guide:  ( Length*Width(cm/inch))
S: 90cm*22cm / 35.4inch*8.66inch  ;  Waist: 60-83cm / 23.6-32.6inch
M: 100cm*22cm / 39.4inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 77-93cm / 30.3-36.6inch
L: 110cm*22cm / 43.3inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 90-103cm / 35.4-40.5inch
XL: 120cm*22cm / 47.2inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 100-113cm / 39.3-44.4inch
XXL: 130cm*22cm / 51.2inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 110-123cm / 43.3-48.4inch
3XL: 140cm*22cm / 55.1inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 120-133cm / 47.2-52.3inch
4XL: 150cm*22cm / 59inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 130-143cm / 51.1-56.2inch
5XL: 160cm*22cm / 62.9inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 140-153cm / 55.1-60.2inch
6XL: 170cm*22cm / 66.9inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 150-163cm / 59-64.1inchFREE FAST DELIVERY AUSNEW HOME CARE SERVICE
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