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Threshold Doorway Ramp (8167108935917)

Secure Threshold Ramp

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Solid and Secure Threshold Ramp!

This solid and heavy-duty rubber ramp is the ideal solution for making short rises up to 8 cm more accessible for wheelchair and Zimmer frame users.

The beveled sides provide a smooth approach for wheelchairs from any side and any angle.

This Threshold ramp can be used both indoors or outdoors, to increase accessibility for wheelchair and Zimmer frame users, but also to increase safety by covering small steps and tripping hazards, it has deep ridges underneath to hold it securely on most hard surfaces.

✔️ Heavy-duty
✔️ Bevelled sides
✔️ Can be used both indoors or outdoors
✔️ Has deep ridges underneath

Made from: recycled rubber
Measures: L90 x D46 x H7.6cm.

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