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Toilet & Bathroom Orientation Signage

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Do you want to be on the lookout for danger at all times? Your toilet and bathroom orientation sign from Ausnew will remind you that the area where you are going can be dangerous at times. It also teaches children that certain regions are prone to accidents.

The Ausnew Toilet and Bathroom Orientation Signage are excellent for wet areas, shower rooms, toilets, and bathrooms.

Reminding users of the hazards in those areas; and preventing accidents before they happen.

Toilet and Bathroom Orientation Signage are key elements for clinical and medical settings.

Health and safety are paramount for both residents and staff. Signage can help orient persons to toilets and bathrooms.

Use of Toilet and Bathroom Orientation Signage takes the guesswork out of finding the toilet or bathroom.

The clear, concise, and obvious language is easily interpreted on doors to the wet area, shower room, toilet, and bathroom.

The signage uses visual cues such as images and words together in bright, obvious, and loud language.

All signage is color-coded for each different area. This can be very important for the disabled or the cognitively impaired.

Imagery and color are well known for brain stimulation and understanding.

The Toilet and Bathroom Orientation Signage comes as stickers or foam boards.

They are available individually or as a sticker kit (for toilet and bathroom combined).

Easily adhere to doors, or mount over the top of doors.

Available for medical facilities, clinics, hospitals, offices, and homes.

The Toilet and Bathroom Orientation Signage ensures safe orientation for loved ones and residents in all wet areas.

Orientation signage sticker size is 300 x 300 mm


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