Universal Scissors, Bandage and First Aid

Universal Scissors, Bandage and First Aid

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It's reassuring to have a first-aid kit at home. So don't forget to pick up some first aid supplies, and Ausnew has you covered with Universal Scissors, Bandage, and First Aid.

The Ausnew 18cm Universal Scissors are a staple of medical tool-kits and first aid kits across the medical industry.

Medical trauma universal scissors also known as bandage scissors, angled tip scissors, with a blunt tip on the bottom blade that aids the user in cutting bandages without cutting or scraping the skin.

Bandage scissors are very popular in clinical settings and first aid kits because they’re designed to safely lift bandages away from skin for easy cutting.

The bottom blade of the scissor is longer and goes easily under the bandages.

The safety design of these Universal scissors was meant to prevents accidental injury and makes bandage removal easy, quick, and pain-free.

These are the sort of scissors that many medical professionals swear by, and many home health nurses always keep several pairs handy in their kits.

✔️ Stainless steel blades with plastic autoclave handles.
✔️ Features a stainless steel blade with tough, plastic grips.

Weight: 100g
Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 cm


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