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Up & Easy Seat Assist

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Having problems getting up from the chair? Is your love one struggling taking a seat. This one is for you! The easy seat assist also comes with a comfortable seat cushion for a relaxing feeling.

The Ausnew Up & Easy Seat Assist is perfect for those who lack mobility, suffer from loss of balance, or are recovering from surgery. 

The Ausnew Up & Easy Seat Assist is the non-electric portable lifting seat that will ease you into your seat and help you up – gently and safely.

As you begin to stand, the Seat Assist supports up to 70% of your body weight, as needed with a Weight capacity of up to 135kg

Seat Assist requires no electricity to operate, and so is convenient to take everywhere you go.


✔️ Safe

The flexible seat curves to a flat surface that lifts you up on a level plane. This patented LeveLiftT design provides for a safe lift up, with no forward dumping motion.

✔️ Durable

The injection-molded base is made of durable polycarbonate and covered with a non-slip material that prevents shifting on fabric seating surfaces.

✔️ Washable

The marine blue fabric cover is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable in cold water.

✔️ Easy Care

The foam cushion has a water-resistant coating that can be wiped down with mild soap and water

✔️ Self-Powered

A hydro-pneumatic gas spring serves as the lifting mechanism, releasing automatically when you begin to stand. No battery or electricity is required.

✔️ Portable

When the lifting mechanism is disengaged, the lifting seat folds flat for easy transport. 

✔️ Easy to Use

To get up you simply lean forward to stand and the lifting mechanism automatically releases to provide assistance - lifting as needed, up to 70% of your body weight.

Item Dimensions 10 x 43 x 48cm
 FREE & FAST DELIVERY | 2-7 Business Days Australia Wide


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