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Extra Wide Bariatric Socks

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Do you fear that your socks will not fit because your feet are too big? Don't be concerned! The Ausnew Extra Broad Bariatric Socks are designed for persons who have long legs, as well as those who have lymphoedema or other disorders that cause their feet, ankles, or legs to be too wide or swollen to fit into regular socks.


The Ausnew Extra Wide Bariatric Socks are the widest and biggest socks on the market. They are made for people with lymphoedema, or any conditions where feet, ankles, or legs are extremely wide or swollen, and not able to fit into any other sock.

This Bariatric sock can stretch up to 30 inches (76cm) in the calf while still maintaining its shape. The socks are infused with Microban to help inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and have an inverted toe seam, for a seam-free feel.

Made from soft ring-spun cotton for comfort. This is a unisex sock that can fit widths up to 14E. Available in Black and white.

✔️ This is a unisex sock and fits up to 14E width
✔️ Composition: 91% cotton, 7% nylon, 2% spandex.

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