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3 in1 Pill Crusher, Cutter, Storage (5784431001768)

3 in1 Pill Crusher, Cutter, Storage

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When you're on a trip and need to bring some first-aid medications but your bag isn't big enough for a pill box, we've got you covered! The Ausnew 3 in 1 Pill Crusher, Cutter, Storage is the appropriate item for you; it's not only a storage device, but it's also a pill crusher that helps break pills into powder. So, what do you have to lose? Purchase today!

This Ausnew handy device is divided into 3 sections and is an ideal tablet aid with multiple tools in one compact, easy-to-clean unit that will take up very little space in a pocket or bag.


Simply lift the hinged lid, pop in a pill, and close the lid to cut or split the pill. Unscrew the base, insert a tablet, then screw the base in again to crush the pill into a powder.

On removing the lid you will find compartments to store your pills and tablets.

✔️ Ideal for those with limited dexterity
✔️ Integrated safety blade
✔️ Net weight (kg) 0.08
✔️ Product Dimensions (mm) 94x49x49

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