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Armrest Organiser

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An Armrest Organiser is a godsend if your chair armrest is uninteresting. Because the Ausnew Armrest Organiser features compartments for greater storage, you can keep anything you desire, like a cup of coffee or water, or even your phone.

This Ausnew Armrest Organiser tray has 6 pockets for sorting, organizing and storage for easy access to tv remote controls, pens, books, eye-glasses, magazines, even iPhone, mobile phones, Xbox controllers get them quick instead of searching for them when needed.

It also saves you from accidents of sliding and spilling drinks or snacks over.

The Armrest Organiser is made with Durable Nylon for Easy Clean Up- Large Design Fits Most Armrests- Stores it is also foldable and easy to remove so you can store the armrest organizer if you don't use it permanently. 



✔️ Adjustable to fit most armrests
✔️ 6 storage pockets
✔️ Sturdy tray to hold drinks and food
✔️ Product Dimensions 310x190x50mm
✔️ Net weight 0.35kg

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