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Ezy Up Dressing Aid (6979256484008)

Ezy Up Dressing Aid

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You won't have to worry about yourself or a loved one bending their backs to put on pants any longer! Ausnew is on your side, mate! No more fuss, and yes to increased independence with the Ezy Up Dressing Aid.

With the Ausnew EzyUps Dressing Aid, your loved ones will be able to easily dress and put on their underwear (Disposable & Standard), Skirts, Tracksuits, Trousers and Slacks WITHOUT having the embarrassment of asking someone for help.

The EzyUps Dressing Aid gives people back their dignity & independence, allowing life to be lived to the fullest while also giving you control back of an activity we all take for granted.

Although initially designed for the older generation, the EzyUps Dressing Stick is also ideal for people of all ages that are experiencing limited flexibility because of back and spinal injuries, joint replacements, sporting injuries, and any other causes of limited flexibility.

✔️ Easy to hold with a soft handle grip
✔️ Holds clothing fully open for easier placement over feel with minimal pressure required
✔️ Embedded high tensile steel through centre of aid for added strength and durability
✔️ The grip technology prevents clothes from slipping off
✔️ Aligns clothing to a correct angle for pulling up over the legs

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 5 cm

The EzyUps Dressing Aid is also helpful to pregnant women in their last trimester, people with multiple sclerosis, people with sporting injuries and people struggling with mobility after surgery.

Designed in Australia by Bill Carbray, the EzyUps Dressing Aid was first created to solve a problem for his mother who was in her 90’s.

Due to her reduced mobility, Bill’s mum was being affected daily with the problem of getting dressed. Stress and embarrassment, and the will to live were all side effects of this problem, that of being unable to dress herself in the morning.

With the EzyUps Dressing Aid, anyone struggling with restricted mobility will now also be able to dress independently of others and maintain their dignity.

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