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Female Urinal with Lid

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Have you just had surgery and found that you cannot leave your bed in time to make it to the bathroom? Or maybe your father is growing old and has difficulty walking to the nearest restroom? Perhaps you travel around or go camping a lot and you are in need of a quick solution to an emergency. 

The Ausnew Female Portable Urinal is a convenient, portable urinal designed specifically for female use.


It is the ideal bedroom aid for users who are confined to bed and struggle to get to the bathroom.

Available with a removable lid to guard against any unwanted spills. Reusable and easy to clean.


✔️ Ideal bedroom aid for those who struggle to get to the bathroom
✔️ Can be used around the home and is ideal for travel use
✔️ 1000ml Capacity
✔️ Reusable and easy to clean

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