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Jazzy Air Power Chair (6282940547240)

Jazzy Air Power Chair

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Experience living your life at new heights. First impressions happen only once, and the engineers at Pride Mobility considered all the ones you make when they designed the Jazzy Air 2. Featuring a captain’s chair seat that elevates up to 12 inches, lifting you eye to eye during a conversation.

Accelerate your power chair safely, up to 4 mph, in the elevated position, so you can move about your day shoulder to shoulder with your peers. Beyond the clear personal advantage, the Jazzy Air 2 offers functional benefits.

Countertops and cabinets, clothing racks, and upper shelves at the supermarket suddenly enter your realm of reach.

The Jazzy Air® is a new era in power mobility. It’s social mobility.

At the touch of a switch, the Jazzy Air® 2 elevates 30.4 cm in just 11 seconds. With a sleek, more modern look, this power chair safely drives at speeds up to 6.4 km/h while elevated, allowing users to enjoy the face-to-face social engagement.

With Mid-Wheel 6® Drive and Active-Trac® Suspension, the Jazzy Air 2 offers superb performance and stability both indoors and out.

✔️ Newly re-designed lift features 30.4 cm of power adjustable seat height in 11 seconds
✔️ Convenient “Air” switch on the armrest activates elevation
✔️ Active-Trac® Suspension with Mid-Wheel 6®
✔️ Technology allows for maximum stability in the elevated and non-elevated positions
✔️ Bright LED marker lights offer visibility in all environments
✔️ High-back or solid seat pan, reclining sport seat
✔️ Height and angle adjustable headrest
✔️ Front under-seat storage keeps your valuables accessible angle, width, height, and depth adjustable armrests
✔️ Integrated foot platform with rubber insert and
✔️ 5 cm of adjustment for comfort in both the elevated and non-elevated positions
✔️ Single-sided castor forks for enhanced maneuverability


 FREE & FAST DELIVERY | 2-7 Business Days Australia Wide
Frame: Lifetime limited
⭐ Drivetrain: 2-year
⭐ Electronics: 1-year Battery:
⭐ (Gel battery) 1-year
⭐ (AGM battery) 6 months


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