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Eagle HD Folding Electric Wheelchair (6130509807784)

Eagle HD Folding Electric Wheelchair

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Are you looking for a power chair? The Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair from Ausnew boasts a lot of great characteristics, such as a non-brush joystick for smooth stirring, fast folding, and the ability to drive on grass, gravel, and cobble. So, what exactly are you up to? Purchase Right Now!

The Ausnew Eagle HD Folding Electric Wheelchair can be easily folded in a couple of seconds and the batteries are neatly tucked away into the framework. It comes with a small carry bag with free tools.

This folding electric wheelchair is virtually maintenance-free and the tools provided are for you to periodically check the Allen screws for your safety.

The batteries can be charged onboard or off-board and the chair can also work with just one battery.


✔️ Small and portable for train and airplane travel.
✔️ Safely supports up to 160kg.
✔️ Lightweight Aerospace aluminum-alloy frame – No rust.
✔️ Removable, washable seat cushion and backrest.
✔️ Solid front and rear tires – no more punctures.
✔️ Flip-up footrest.
✔️ 360° joystick controller – Brushless, reliable & maintenance-free. Can be fitted left or right
✔️ 11.5cm ground clearance – comparable with the top all-terrain models.
✔️ Two quiet brushless motors and maintenance-free.
✔️ Intelligent electromagnetic brake (electronic regenerative disc brake) to ensure passenger safety.
✔️ Reliable and precise battery-life indicator.
✔️ 24V/12AH Lithium batteries – chargeable on or off-board.
✔️ One battery per motor – extends the life, better response.
✔️ Easily travels on different surfaces – Gravel – Grass – Cobbled.
✔️ Front & rear suspension to reduce shock from different surfaces.
✔️ Unique serial number.
 FREE & FAST DELIVERY | 2-7 Business Days Australia Wide
⭐ 2-Year Warranty on Frame
⭐ 1-Year Warranty on Battery



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