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Lucky 7 Body Pillow - Full Support Pregnancy Pillow

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Don't you want to be able to sleep soundly? You can now rest like you're on a pluffy cloud with the Ausnew Lucky 7 Body Pillow - Full Support Pregnancy Pillow, which also provides excellent support for side sleepers and helps ease neck and back problems.

Sleep in pure comfort with the heavenly Ausnew L-Shaped full-length overstuffed body pillow. Swing a leg over the Lucky 7 or tuck it in against your back.

Its 7-Shape is like having 2 pillows in one: a regular pillow and a full body support pillow.

Body pillows are excellent support for side sleepers, chronic neck and back pain sufferers, and during pregnancy.

Ideal for mothers-to-be, and also ideal for minimizing light snoring where side sleeping is recommended.

The Lucky 7 pillow is a unique body pillow that gives full body positioning with a superb level of comfort.

The body pillow aligns the hips and fundamentally encourages a side sleeping position.

The Lucky 7 Body Pillow provides comfort and ergonomic support from your neck to your feet giving all the support your body needs to reduce neck, head, and back strain whether you use it while you sleep or as a bed lounger when sitting up.

✔️ Promotes muscular relaxation
✔️ Promotes proper spinal alignment
✔️ Helps stimulate healthier circulation
✔️ Give your teenagers a good night’s rest.

✔️ The Lucky 7 Body Pillow can provide emotional comfort with its full-body support.

✔️ The comfort of a full-body Body Pillow can help encourage reading & studying.

✔️ Provides comfort in any position.
✔️ Support whilst working or reading in bed, on the couch, or on the floor


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