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Lumbar D-Roll Back Support - Metron

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The Ausnew Lumbar D-Roll Back Support from Metron lets you enjoy comfortable support to your lower back while allowing you to correct and maintain a better posture.  It reduces lower back pain and minimizes stress on the spine.

Benefits of the Lumbar D-roll back support by Metron

The high-density foam cushion gently supports the natural contour of the spine, protecting you from sitting in a harmful position. This lumbar roll is specifically designed for people who are sitting in a chair for long periods of time or those requiring extra support in the lower back.

How does the D-shape help this lumbar support?

The D-shaped pillow fits most flat-backed chairs. The straps will keep the lumbar roll in place. Put the flat part against the chair and adjust the height so the rounded part sits in the middle of your lower back’s natural arc.  This will help you sit nice and straight and prevent constant re-positioning.

The outer layer of the cushion can be removed and washed. As the Lumbar D-Roll fits most chairs, it can be used on an office chair, computer chair, sofa, couch, car seat, wheelchair etc.

✔️ Helps reduce lower back pain by supporting the lumbar
✔️ Made of high-density foam with removable and washable cover
✔️ Fits most flat-backed chairs
✔️ Straps enable easy adjustment
✔️ Can be used while sitting or lying down
✔️ Compact, ideal to take anywhere

32cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 7.8cm (H)

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