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One Way Drinking Straw

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Do you have a loved one who has difficulty swallowing? Purchase the Ausnew Home Care One Way Drinking Straw to help them to correctly and comfortably consume their water. The straw is additionally held in place by clips to prevent it from falling out. Isn't it fantastic?

The Ausnew One-Way Drinking Straw makes drinking easier for people with weak oral musculature or those who have difficulty swallowing.

The straw is a dining aid featuring a one-way valve which stays filled with liquid even after removing the straw from the lips, this reduces the air ingested and the effort required by the user, leading to less coughing and choking while drinking thin liquids.

Adjustable clips hold the specially designed one-way drinking straw onto cups and glasses.

✔️ Makes drinking easier for persons with weak oral musculature or difficulty in swallowing

✔️ These straws have one-way valves which stay filled with fluid even after removing the straw from a user's lips and reduce the air ingested and effort required.

✔️ Adjustable clips can hold onto the cups or glasses and prevent the straws from falling out

Product Dimensions (mm): 260x10x5
Net weight (kg): 0.001
Colour: Clear

 *Each package contains one 10" and one 7" straw

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