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Two Toe Bunion Pads (2 pairs)

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Have you ever suffered with a swollen foot that made you feel awful? Don't worry about it any longer! The Ausnew Two Toe Bunion Pads (2 pairs) provide excellent protection for your toes. This is built with a ventilated design for the consumers' benefit, providing air circulation for healthy toes.

The Ausnew ergonomic toe bunion protector pads with hallux valgus (bunion) split offer padding around the hallux valgus by elevating the area around the bunion, reducing the surface pressure and friction to the bunion from footwear.

The hallux valgus split reduces the pressure and friction exerted on the bunion.

Two toe loops help hold the bunion cover in place between the large and second toes, in a secure and comfortable position.

The ventilated design offers air circulation for healthier toes.

Made with closed-cell gel, the bunion pad does not absorb or breed bacteria, making this a sanitary environment for healing.

The double toe loop adds extra stability to the bunion cover, making it perfect for a busy lifestyle.

The spacer between toes aligns the toes in a straight and comfortable position while protecting the bunion.

Two toe bunion cover with Hallux Valgus split.

Includes: 2 pairs

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