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Quickie 200 R Power Chair + 55AH x2 Suited Batteries (Includes Headrest) (6283031249064)

Quickie 200 R Power Chair + 55AH x2 Suited Batteries (Includes Headrest)

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Have you ever wished for a stylish and functional powerchair? Have a look at this Ausnew Quickie 200 R Power Chair + 55AH x2 Compatible Batteries (Includes Headrest). These powerchairs have incredible features that allow users to be more mobile and active on a daily basis! So, what do you have to lose? Make a purchase today!

The Ausnew Q200® R is in-touch with its environment inside and out. With an ultra-slim base and tiny turning circle, even the smallest place will feel big. 

Precision-measured in length, the Q200 R (1070 mm) will conveniently fit in-and-out of floor lifts and other short spaces without the traditional sacrifice of stability.

Effortlessly turn in narrow hallways, kitchens, and other restricted spaces without the need for complicated maneuvers.

With the Q200 R, our vision was to create a TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair. One with super-tight indoor maneuverability and ZERO compromise on outdoor stability and performance. 

Lean towards a large drive-base and you’ll encounter difficulty maneuvering in tight environments. Go too small and it’ll be too tippy with a loss of traction.

Finding the perfect combination requires testing 100’s of configurations. So that’s exactly what we did – with SMART BASE TECHNOLOGY.

The result is the QUICKIE Q200 R. A legitimately compact entry-level powered wheelchair that delivers the very-best traction, stability, and even the ability to climb kerbs of up to 100 mm.

The Q200 R seating has been designed to fit you. With plenty of settings and a 5-strap tension adjustable back to meet postural requirements, take comfort in knowing that if your needs change, so can your seat.

Boasting the smallest footprint of 580 mm width and 1070 mm length, the Quickie 200 R power chair‘s turning circle is a tiny 1700 mm, so navigating even the tightest of spaces is a breeze. The Q200 R provides a stable ride on urban roads and paths, ideal for those day trips out. Unbelievably light at 98 kg, the Q200 R is easy to hoist in and out of your car.

✔️ Seat depth from 405-505 mm
✔️ Optional Legrest width from 380-490 mm
✔️ Backrest angle from 0, 4, 8, and 12 degrees
✔️ Seat angle from 0, 3, and 6 degrees
✔️ Seat width from 430-500 mm
✔️ Side guard from 0-50 mm
✔️ Optional seat height from 450 mm
✔️ Armrest height 230-305 mm



 FREE & FAST DELIVERY | 2-7 Business Days Australia Wide
5-Year Warranty on the frame
⭐ 1 year on the motor & battery

(Against manufacturing defects)



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