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Product Covers & Slips

Pillow Slips & Covers for Greater Comfort During Sleep

Sleep positioning has a big impact on the quality of sleep that you receive. If you use a maternity cushion, contoured wedge support, or other pillows, you can extend the life of your purchase by using pillow covers and cases.

Here at Ausnew Home Care, we offer a range of pillowcases and covers that will enhance the comfort of your pillow so that you can enjoy a restful sleep.

A few of the most popular types of sleep positioning pillow covers and cases include:

  • Satin Beauty Pillow Cover. These pillow covers are designed to fit the Satin Beauty pillow and are also available for regular-sized pillows. These pillow slips can help you to find the right sleep positioning that will allow you to minimize facial wrinkles from your pillow. With seven color options, these pillow covers are perfect for reducing the compression and stretching of your sensitive skin.
  • Contoured Bed Wedge Pillow Cover. This pillow cover is designed to protect your contoured wedge support and is designed to fit the Quilted or Steri-Plus version of the wedge, which is suitable for incontinent users.
  • Classic Cotton Pillow Cover. This simple white cotton pillow cover comes in four sizes and is perfect for snoring relief or for your sleep apnoea pillow. The pillow cover can protect your pillow from permanent damage caused by the constant removal of the standard cover.
  • Lucky 7 Body Pillow Spare Pillow Cover. This replacement cover protects and maintains your Lucky 7 body pillow. Maternity cushions are excellent for promoting muscular relaxation and proper alignment of the spine. This specially designed pillow cover will ensure that your pillow stays clean and fresh whilst prolonging the life of your pillow.