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Travel Pillows

Best travel pillow for comfortable traveling

For most people, airports, train stations, bus terminals, and overnight layovers are necessary evils - and sleeping while in transit often feels like an impossible feat!

We make sure that our travel pillows help you arrive at your destination rested.

Stay comfortable, even in cramped seats

The seating arrangements on cars, buses, trains, and airplanes can leave a lot to be desired, especially for those who are trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. 

Travelers can make the most of the space they are allocated by using specially-designed neck support pillows.

These pillows wrap around the neck, support the head, and alleviate strain on the neck and shoulders. A supportive neck cushion ensures you will arrive at your destination rested and relaxed, instead of tense and stiff.

Give yourself a leg up on business trips

Many people are required to travel for work. Often, they are expected to hit the ground running and head to a meeting as soon as they arrive. 

We recommend investing in a good travel pillow, as resting properly during transit can help you remain alert and attentive while you fulfill your work obligations.

Keep hotel nuisances at bay

Discomfort during travel is not limited to the time spent on the move - sleeping in a hotel bed can also result in a restless night! The bedding and pillows in these rooms can be too soft or too hard, or they can be made of uncomfortable or poor quality materials. Worst of all, they may not have been cleaned properly!

Keep these problems at bay by bringing your own travel pillow that you know will be comfortable and clean. 

Uncomfortable travel is a thing of the past, thanks to Ausnew Home Care's collection of travel pillows and supports! Explore the collection and shop online now.