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Adult Nasal Cannula, Kink Resistant - 6m (8579786440941)

Adult Nasal Cannula - Kink Resistant (6m)

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High flow, kink resistant with convenient, extra long 6m tubbing oxygen nasal cannula.

The 6m Adult Nasal Cannula features soft, non-irritating nasal prongs for patient comfort. It is kink-resistant and has a convenient extra-long 6m tubing for added flexibility and comfort. 

The soft latex-free material is gentle on the skin and helps reduce irritation and soreness. Most importantly, this cannula has a high delivery rate and is designed for a large range of oxygen.

Consisting of round, flexible tubing with split, pronged openings for the nostrils, a nasal cannula is used to deliver supplemental oxygen to individuals requiring respiratory assistance and oxygen therapy. This nasal cannula provides a secure fit to minimize irritation and soreness. The 6m tubbing oxygen nasal cannula is also kink-resistant yet flexible and light.

✔️ Flexible and compact
✔️ 6m long for easy access
✔️ Non-irritating prongs
✔️ Versatile

HYPOALLERGENIC: The Cannula is made of hypoallergenic material and designed without flaring, friable, or spongy prongs that irritate the nose.

FLEXIBLE: Easy maneuvering for extra comfort. It is also kink-free to prevent blockage of oxygen flow during movements.

EXTRA-LONG: 6m extended length for the convenience of movement. The patient will no longer have to endure the discomfort of bending over to attach their nasal cannula to a flowmeter or portable oxygen concentrator.

FLOWRATE: With a flow rate between 0.5-12 L/min, this nasal cannula is great for all oxygen needs. 

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: This nasal oxygen cannula is made of high-quality, FDA-compliant, DEHP-free PVC material that is latex-free. Its soft material doesn’t leave a print mark on the face.


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