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Bath in Bed Wipes - 1 pack (8 pcs) (6557555982504)

Bath in Bed Wipes - 1 pack (8 pcs)

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You recently underwent surgery and were unable to shower, but you still wanted to be clean and fresh. Don't be concerned! Bath in bed with Ausnew Wipes on your side! There is no sticky feeling and it is gentle on the skin.

The Ausnew Bath in Bed Wipes are ideal for fast, effective, and gentle waterless cleansing of the body and face.

They can be used hot or cold and are unperfumed to be extremely gentle to the skin.

For effective cleansing and rinse-free with no sticky residue with no need for tubes or sprays of separate moisturizer, using these wipes reduces cross-contamination.

Dermatologically tested and approved. 33 x 23 cm in size and 8 cloths supplied per pack.


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