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Hospital Bed Rail Protector Pad

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Having a bed rail is such a relief because you can be assured that your child or elderly relative will not tumble out of bed. However, Ausnew introduces the Bed Rail Protectors to provide them with additional security.

It doubles the safety of utilizing a bed rail and protects the patient from skin injuries, shredded clothing, and general discomfort.

The Ausnew Bedrail protectors are a great addition to any medical facility or healthcare center. They add that next level of security and comfort to railed patient beds. This bedrail padding is designed with patient safety in mind. 

The Bedrail pad covers the metal railings on a patient's bed, which can be a source of anxiety for some patients, helping them to feel emotionally comfortable as well as physically protected from the rails in instances of slipping or falling.

The bed rail pads are durable and easy to clean. They are covered with a hypoallergenic, mildew-resistant PVC layer to protect the 2.5 cm of thick side padding.

✔️ Easy to clean, wipeable PVC fabric
✔️ Easy to install on to bed rail
✔️ Padded, waterproof, and hypoallergenic 


 Regular Large
Length  140cm 190cm
Height  35cm 35cm
Width  2.5cm 2.5cm
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