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Blue Swivel Cushion

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If you're experiencing trouble getting out of the car or even your regular chair at home, Ausnew has a solution for you! The Ausnew Blue Swivel Cushion allows you to swivel your body to easily exit or enter your vehicle.

The Ausnew Soft flexible padded swivel seat with turning motion that enables easier movement of the lower body in and out of the car.

The swivel cushion is great for those with lower limb stiffness, hip or knee surgery or general mobility issues.


 ✔️ Padded cushion comes with a non-slip base to stay in place on flat and contoured, bucket seats
✔️ Circular pad helps users pivot 360 degrees on the center axis while swinging legs and lower body into or out of the vehicle
✔️ Low profile allows users to sit comfortably on long rides
✔️ Great for use in cars, trucks, vans, and buses
✔️ Lightweight and portable
✔️ Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
✔️ 350 lb Weight Capacity


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