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Bunion Protector & Toe Spacer (6155711283368)

Bunion Protector & Toe Spacer

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The Ausnew Bunion Protector & Toe Spacer is a soft gel toe separator with bunion protection. Comfortable, secure toe separators with bunion cushion shield.

The bunion cover toe spacer help prevents rubbing and soreness at the same time helping to align the major toe in a more natural position.

The closed-cell gel does not absorb or breed bacteria, making this a sanitary environment for healing.

The double toe loop adds extra stability to the bunion pad, making it perfect for an active lifestyle.

Perfect for use with blisters, calluses, hallux valgus (bunions), and toe overlap, for all-day comfort.

Spacer positioned between the toes aligns the toes in a straight, comfortable position while protecting them from friction.

Always ensure you have dried between and around your toes well before using toe spacers, for a healthier bacteria-free environment.

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