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Dual Layer Waterproof Wheelchair Cushion With Memory Foam (8123870314733)

Dual Layer Waterproof Wheelchair Cushion With Memory Foam

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Progressive density, memory foam wheelchair support cushion with liquid-resistant cover.


It can alleviate discomfort associated with sitting for a long period of time. Perfect for wheelchair-bound individuals offering comfort and pressure relief.

The memory foam is durable and layered for optimal processive support. Castellated memory Foam wheelchair cushion so it is easy to take with you no matter where you go.

Includes wipeable, liquid-resistant cover with protective skirt cover over the zipper for further continence resistance.

This memory foam is designed for wheelchairs and is also applicable for other seating, such as dining and office chairs.

✔️ Designed for wheelchairs and other seating such as dining and office chairs.
✔️ Redistributes body weight to reduce pressure.
✔️ Comfortable foam base designed to last.
✔️ Relieves pressure points and spreads body weight evenly.

CASTELLATED: Castellated void on top memory foam layer creates a more effective pressure distribution via progressive density created by this design. Achieve all benefits of a 3 later cushion in a 2-layer cushion without additional cost.

CONTINENCE RESISTANCE: Waterproof fabric with a generous over-zipper skirt creates a very high spilled liquid-resistant environment.

COMFORTABLE: Made with a comfortable foam base designed to last, this memory foam can alleviate discomfort from sitting too long.

EASY TO CLEAN: This includes a wipeable, liquid-resistant cover that is easy to clean.

LASTS LONGER: It is durable and has a foam base that is designed to last, perfect for long-term use.


Width 45 cm
Depth 42 cm
Height 10 cm
Capacity 115 kg


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