Dual Zone Pillow - Suits Long Necks

Dual Zone Pillow - Suits Long Necks

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The Ausnew Dual Zone Pillow is an adjustable Memory foam Pillow for Long Necks.

Adjustable Luxury orthopedic pillow with a layer of comforting Memory Foam surface bonded to a traditional foam base.

An adjustable luxury pillow with a comforting Memory Foam surface bonded to a traditional foam base.

The pillow is also adjustable - a removable insert that allows it to be lowered for smaller framed people.

Cushions and supports your head and neck evenly

✔️ Features single contour allowing for full neck extension (ideal for "medium' and 'long' necks)
✔️ Removable foam inserts make it height adjustable
✔️ Specially treated to inhibit allergens

Therapeutic benefits:

✔️ Dual Zone pillow has been designed to encourage better position and posture during sleep. Single contour enables full neck extension, even head, and neck support, and encourages the natural alignment of the spine.

✔️ Top layer 3 cm thick Memory Foam - (widely used in general pressure care therapy) diffuses pressure to neck and head while the Traditional deluxe grade foam base ensures continued support and product longevity.

TGA Listed Yes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow
Low Size 36 cm wide x 51 cm long x 13 cm high and tapering to 6 cm.
Inner Memory foam All new Visco elastic memory foam especially treated to inhibit allergens.
Outer Cover Open weave soft polyester. Removable. Place your own pillowcase over this cover.
Country of Manufacture Australian Made


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