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Female Urinal - With Lid (7928050352365)

Female Urinal - With Lid

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The Female Urinal with Lid is an invaluable daily living product, helping the user maintain independence and enabling carers to help someone with toileting without having to lift her.

For those with bladder urgency, a female urination device is a useful continence aid.

Female urinals are a good alternative to bedpans for women who are injured or bedridden at home, at an aged care facility, or in a hospital.

A female urinal bottle is also an excellent choice for women suffering from chronic pain or limited mobility, as a result of a disease. If you have painful knees or hips, you may prefer to use a urinal while standing. Someone with back pain may need a urinal she can use while lying down.

Some women prefer to use a female urinal because of possible hygienic issues in public toilets or because they don’t have convenient access to a bathroom while on the road.

✔️ Female home urinal with lid
✔️ Ideal for travel use
✔️ 1L capacity
✔️ Durable
✔️ Easy to clean


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