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Foot Brush

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Do you want a quick and easy technique to clean your toes? The Ausnew Foot Brush is the answer to your problem, so look no further. The suction caps on these brushes keep the brush in place as you clean your toes.

The Ausnew Foot Brush is designed to effortlessly scrub your feet in the bath or shower.

With an anti-slip base made of durable, flexible silicone with suction cups, it offers wear-resistant bristles that may conveniently clean your feet and toes without needing to bend over.

The scrubber brush has a hanging slot for easy storage.

✔️ Effortlessly scrub feet in the shower or bath without bending over
✔️ Anti-slip base with suction cups
✔️ Wear resistant bristles
✔️ Hanging slot for storage
✔️ Made with flexible silicone

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