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Full Support Neoprene Brace Belt (7114714972328)

Full Support Neoprene Brace Belt

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Are you looking for something that would provide excellent back and waist support? With the Ausnew Full Support Neoprene Brace Belt, you may now observe a change in your posture while also providing lumbar and abdominal support to those suffering from back pain, muscle discomfort, muscle damage, abdominal strains and injuries.

The Ausnew Full Support Neoprene Brace Belt is a high-quality neoprene that provides excellent support for your lower back and waist.

✔️ It provides lumbar and abdominal support to sufferers with back pain, muscle pain, muscle injury, abdominal strains & injury.

✔️ The additional strong elastic webbing allows full control over the level of compression.

✔️ It also enables the support to be contoured perfectly to your body shape. It is superbly comfortable even when sitting.

✔️ The neoprene foam construction ensures this is the most comfortable back support belt.

✔️ It provides maximum lumbar and abdominal support while allowing full body motion, even when lifting or bending.

✔️ It provides external protection during contact sports, and also provides protection and warmth from the wind and cold.

✔️ It can also improve the appearance of your waistline, reducing it in size based on how tightly it is worn.

✔️ Small: 60-80cm (24-31”)
✔️ Medium:
70-90cm (28-35”)
✔️ Large:
80-100cm (32-39”)
✔️ XLarge:
90-110cm (35-43”)
✔️ 2XLarge:
100-120cm (39-48”)
✔️ 3XLarge:
110-130cm (43-52”)
✔️ 4XLarge:
120-140cm (47-55”)
✔️ 5XLarge:
130-150cm (52-59”)
✔️ 6XLarge:
140-160cm (55-62”)


* Pregnant women, children and Patients with serious cardiovascular or respiratory diseases should NOT use this device.
* People with fractures should not use this device.
* This device is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care nor is this a device suitable for all people.
* As with any new product, always consult your medical practitioner before using the belt, especially if you have pre – existing conditions or have had any surgery.
* If you experience severe discomfort or pain when using the belt, STOP using and if pain persists consult your medical practitioner.

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