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2-Core Memory Foam Cushion (6156436832424)

2-Core Memory Foam Cushion

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Are you suffering from back discomfort as a result of sitting for long periods of time? Don't be concerned! Because Ausnew has a product called the Ausnew 2-Core Memory Foam Cushion that can help you with your problem.

The Ausnew 2 Core Cushions are made from 2 extremely high-performance, medical-grade foams providing ultimate comfort.

The base layer provides high-density support and protects against collapsing. The top layer is an airoform memory foam providing true comfort, enhanced breathability, and lasting performance.

✔️ High quality, medical-grade performance foam
✔️ High-density support, protecting against collapsing
✔️ Visco-elastic cell structure
✔️ High-temperature stability
✔️ Postural comfort
✔️ Excellent durability
✔️ Polyurethane black waterproof cover
✔️ Vapour breathable
✔️ Stain resistant
✔️ Soft touch and gentle on skin
✔️ Fire retardant
✔️ High frequency welded/fused seams
✔️ Integrated waterproof flat zipper

3 sizes available:
✔️ 460x400x70mm
✔️ 460x460x70mm
✔️ 510x460x70mm
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