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Healwell Wrist & Hand Soft Splint

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Is your hand suffering from a minor injury? The Healwell Wrist & Hand Soft Splint from Ausnew has plenty to offer. These can be used on both the left and right hand to assist relieve discomfort and pressure caused by the injury. So, what do you have to lose? Purchase today!

The Ausnew Wrist and hand splint is your best option after minor sprains and in cases of mild to moderate hand, wrist, or finger contractures.

With any of these conditions, it is important to ensure that there is a little movement as possible in the afflicted area so that quick and effective recovery can take place.

This wrist and hand splint is designed with just that in mind.

The Healwell splint has is designed to go through the hand, keeping it open, preventing patients from flexing their fingers and hands, and protecting palm skin.

The overall design keeps the hand and fingers in a neutral position to make recovery as comfortable as possible.

The lightweight wrist and hand splint provides support but does not entirely immobilize the arm and wrist entirely, allowing for just the right amount of freedom to ensure comfort and quick recovery.

This wrist and hand splint is made with a durable and reusable plastic base frame. The plastic is hard and tough, ensuring proper support and stabilization, but also guarantees continuous and extended use.

Overtop the plastic frame is a soft foam cover that both protects and provides comfort to the patient's arm, hand, and wrist.

✔️ Fits both right and left hands
✔️ Adjustable padded straps
✔️ Includes two additional palmar rolls to increase adjustability and accommodate a greater range of patients and types of finger and hand contracture conditions
✔️ Palmar rolls are: 3.8 cm and 4.5 cm
✔️ Allows for limited finger progressive extension
✔️ Cover material is water absorbent and helps to pull moisture off of sensitive skin, helps to preserve and repair weak and damaged skin
✔️ Cover is easily removed and reattached
✔️ Cover is entirely machine washable

Durable – Comfortable – Machine Washable – Highly Adjustable


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