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Inuteq Coolpac set of 4 inserts (7569004658925)

Inuteq Coolpac set of 4 inserts

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Are you looking for a reusable coolpac with a lot of features? The Inuteq Coolpac collection of four inserts from Ausnew features four distinct temperatures to help customers relieve pressure.

This innovative technology has been developed for the situation when exact temperatures are of the essence.

These Ausnew bio-based PC PACs perform under any extreme temperature and under every level of humidity. The ONLY REACH and USDA-certified PCM (Phase Changing Material) are available on the market.

What they are:

Our renewable bio-based Phase Change Material (PCM) cooling technology is produced with materials of vegetal origin. Our INUTEQ-PAC products out-perform paraffin and salt hydrates PCM in a number of of areas:

✔️ Improved fire safety
✔️ Long-term stability
✔️ High latent heat capacities
✔️ Safer handling
✔️ Sourced from recyclable materials

Our bio-based PCM is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, low-flammable, durable, reusable, 20% lighter than water and does not produce condensation.

We offer 4 different temperatures:

✔️ 6.5℃ (43 F)
✔️ 15℃ (59F)
✔️ 21℃ (70F)
✔️ 29℃ (84F)

Recommendation on Usage:

6.5℃ Athlete in competition needing fast sharp pre-cooling/recovery.
15℃ Athlete in competition/sports
21℃ Industrial/Working - undersuit/closed environment/high humidity
24℃ Industrial/Working - undersuit/closed environment/high humidity
29℃ Industrial/Working - undersuit/closed environment/high humidity

How to activate?

Simply place the product in ice water, refrigerator or freezer or store in lower temperature until it becomes solid/crystallized (depending on PAC temperature, ie. 29℃ PAC would cool down in an air-conditioned environment and become solid while the 6.5℃ would become solid in ice water/fridge).

When the product is deactivated, it becomes liquid clear. Just to cool it again for activation.

1. Cool the PACs
2. Insert into vest
3. Immediate cooling ❄︎

✔️ Cooling duration: up to 2hrs on average
✔️ Weight: approximately 0.46 kg per insert
✔️ Comes in a box with 4 inserts - approximately 1 kg total.
✔️ Sizes element: 15 x 31.4 cm
✔️ Components: INUTEQ-SEAL®

*Requires a vest with pockets to insert

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