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Comet ULTRA Mobility Scooter (6262256828584)

Comet ULTRA Mobility Scooter

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Are you looking for a scooter that can take you to your goal in style and comfort? You're safe with us. The Ausnew Comet ULTRA Mobility Scooter comes with all of the necessary safety features.

The Ausnew Comet ULTRA is a rugged outdoor mobility scooter ideal for users weighing up to 220 kg.

Packed with safety features, this powerful scooter will take you to your destination securely, quickly, and in comfort.

Even for users with a weight of up to 220 kg, safety is never a concern with the Invacare Comet ULTRA mobility scooter.

All necessary precautions for guaranteeing the stability and safety of the scooter have been taken into consideration during the design process.


✔️ Improved suspension - Improved suspension to offer superior comfort to larger individuals

✔️ Reinforced seat column - Offers additional stability and safety when seated

✔️ Reinforced height and width adjustable armrest - Can be easliy adjusted to the user and offers additional support when getting on and off the scooter

✔️ Power, reliability and customisation - Due to a carefully thought out design process and a robust construction, the safety and stability of the Comet Ultra is never a concern; even for users weighing up to 220kg.

✔️ Developed with the highest quality components and safety features, the Comet Ultra makes a trustworthy companion no matter where you go. Furthermore, its flexibility and adaptability means you can customise your scooter to suit your unique style and individual preference.

✔️ Complete comfort and support - The special contoured Ultra Seat has been developed in conjunction with therapists to ensure an optimum seating position and increased comfort. In addition, a pneumatically adjustable lumbar support allows for further comfort when seated if and when required.

✔️ FREE Mirrors,
✔️ FREE safety flag,
✔️ FREE safety vest


 FREE & FAST DELIVERY | 2-7 Business Days Australia Wide
⭐ 2-Year Warranty



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