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Koala Komfort Back Support (8126240850157)

Koala Komfort Back Support

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Mid and Lower Back Lumber Support

Specially molded to support and ‘hug’ your lower back. Incorporates a unique internal rubber bladder to allow you to adjust and customize to the curvature of your spine. Contoured to provide support and help alleviate lower back fatigue. Ideal for car, office, or home.

Benefits of the Koala Komfort Support include:
✔️ Unique inflatable/deflatable internal bladder
✔️ Variable curve means you have the choice of using Koala Komfort either way up
✔️ Makes seating more comfortable by providing soothing support for back muscles and discs
✔️ Spine is allowed to follow its natural curve
✔️ Designed to help alleviate back pain and improve posture
✔️ Reduces stress
✔️ Light and durable and guaranteed to hold its shape
✔️ A home healthcare product

Designed to help with a range of therapeutic conditions:

✔️ Lower back pain
✔️ Mid back pain
✔️ Spinal conditions or disability
✔️ Postural support
✔️ Stress reduction
✔️ Tension relief

Adjustable lower back support

Designed to help alleviate lower back pain and improve posture, the Koala Komfort Back Support has a unique internal bladder that you can inflate/deflate to suit your comfort. The variable curve can be used either way up to suit the unique contour of your back.

Helps soothe and support your back providing stress relief for tense back muscles and spinal discs. 

Size: 40cm wide x 28cm high
Foam Inner: Moulded Urethane Foam
Cover: Zip-off Stretch Nylon
Country of Manufacture: Australian Made

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