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Lifestyle Deluxe Self-Propelled Wheelchair (8123888468205)

Lifestyle Deluxe Self-Propelled Wheelchair

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Tired of using a wheelchair that is too small for you? The answer is here, thanks to Ausnew! The Lifestyle Deluxe Self-Propelled Wheelchair offers a big cushion for comfort and a calf rest for the user's benefit, making it the perfect choice for big size patients.


Vehicle-friendly, lightweight, high-capacity aluminum frame wheelchair with quick-release pneumatic wheels and footrests.

Incredible versatility and adaptability to any lifestyle.

Fully featured quick-release wheels and footrests, tilt back armrests, cushion, and belt.

WHEELCHAIR CUSHION: Included foam wheelchair cushion to improve wheelchair comfort and pressure care needs.

SIDE FOLDING: Takes up very little space when not in use. Easy and quick to unfold when needed.

SEAT BELT: Lateral and forward safety and stability. Keep you safe and in the seat from sudden, stops bumps, and direction changes.

INDEPENDENT CALF REST: Keep your feet comfortably on the footrests but gently support your calves in place.

PNEUMATIC TYRES: Offer shock absorption when going over uneven ground, and often provide a smoother and more comfortable ride. A high-pressure pneumatic tire generally provides the best ride quality on level surfaces of all tire options, as the contact surface to the floor is smaller, resulting in low driving resistance.

QUICK RELEASE WHEEL AXLE: Large push button Quick Release Axles allow you to “pop” off the wheels without any tools and with just a push of a button on your wheelchair. Quick-release versions of wheelchair axles provide an additional element of flexibility by making the replacement of the wheelchair wheels faster and more efficient. Quickly remove wheels when getting into a vehicle.

QUICK RELEASE FOOTRESTS: Fold footplates out of the way when getting in or out of the wheelchair. Remove the leg rest altogether for storage or travel.

LIGHTWEIGHT, ALUMINIUM FRAME: Light and rigid frame, easy to transport, navigate and drive. The best wheelchairs are after all aluminum.

TGA REGISTRATION & CERTIFIED: Certified by TGA (Administration of Therapeutic Goods Australia) and meets all Australian standards for a medical device. Peace of mind that you are buying a quality, registered product.


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