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Lumbar Roll

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Are you tired of sitting uncomfortably on your office chair for long hours? Do you suffer from neck or back pain due to inconvenient posture? Our Ausnew lumbar roll can help you with that by providing ultimate support and comfort.

The Ausnew lumbar roll is used to support the back and spine.

The quality materials are uniquely designed for the correctness of pressure and overall comfort.

Helping you sit comfortably; this product aids the healing process to occur naturally and safely.

Lumbar Rolls are expertly made for easy use and handling. Allowing you to sit with lumbar support on a favorite chair.

Supporting the lower back whilst seated; the lumbar roll aids correct posture and feels firm.

You can alleviate pain in the lower back with the aid of the Lumbar Roll. Ideally suited to home, work, office, or car.

Secures to most chair backs for easy placement and reliability. Lumbar rolls are durable, firm, lightweight, and easy to use.

Features include quality manufacturing, strap for easy placement, foam support, ergonomic design, and easy to clean.

Used for basic lower back support; as well as by patients post-surgery, and those suffering neck problems, pain, and/or sciatica.

Expertly made and one size fits all. Excellent all-around product for everyone. Genuinely recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors.

The Lumbar Rolls are an important product for anyone; ensuring the health and support of the back, neck, and spine.

A great asset to Clinicians working in the field of medicine,
physiotherapists, and chiropractors.

The Lumbar Rolls are an important product; maintaining the health of the back, neck, and spine.

A great tool for clinicians working within the fields of both physiotherapy and medicine; and great for home use.

Length: 28cm
Diameter: 12cm

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