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Magnetic Pillow (Memory Foam)

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The Ausnew Magnetic Pillow is designed to give comfortable support and the benefits of 6 magnetic points will help to alleviate tension by stimulating and encouraging your circulation.

A softer pillow for back sleepers and those with smaller frames
The magnetic memory foam pillow is:

✔️ Designed to be a softer than normal pillow
✔️ Encourages back sleeping
✔️ Gentle one-sided contour under the neck
✔️ Supportive and comfortable
✔️ Super plush memory foam

Designed to provide natural relief from a range of conditions

The magnets should help with stimulating the iron platelets in your blood thereby increasing circulation and blood flow through the body.

The pillows may also help

✔️ Improve circulation and accelerate healing
✔️ Reduce muscle stress and tension
✔️ To relieve pain

Outer Cover:
Bamboo Fibre
Magnets: 300-350 gauss strength strip magnets
Width: 50cm
Depth: 30cm
Height: 12cm/7cm


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