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Male Urine Bottle

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Do you have incontinence issues? If that's the case, Ausnew has the Male Urine Bottle for you. With this bottle, you won't have to worry about needing to pee throughout your travel since this urine bottle will save the day!

The Ausnew Male Urine Bottle is a portable and reusable plastic urinal bottle.

Urinal bottles are ideal for patients with limited mobility.

This portable male urinal is made from durable plastic, is easy to clean.

Made to be taken “on the go”, the urinal features an ergonomic handing handle to prevent slipping.

The urinal is easily cleaned with your favorite household disinfectants or anti-bacterial wipes.

Ideal for long trips or outings for the mobility impaired and others who may need a solution that is both portable and convenient.

✔️ Assists the user or carer in personal toileting creating more independence
✔️ Comes with a lid to contain spillage
✔️ Ideal for use in the hospital or home

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