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MediSkin+ Bone Shaped Pillow

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The Ausnew MediSkin+ Bone Shaped Pillow is good for replacing rolled up towels & oversized pillows in a convenient, dignified way.

MediSkin+ version of Bone Shaped Pillow is covered in a fluid-resistant MediSkin+ cover for hygienic medical use.

With the original softness of a memory foam interior, covered in a soft-touch MediSkin+ cover that is gentle on skin, with a nonsticky feel even with perspiration.

MediSkin+ fabric is wipeable with your regular diluted sanitizer and wiped dry for immediate and hygienic reuse.

The water-resistant bone-shaped pillow also comes with one soft, knitted, washable cover to be fitted on top if desired.

✔️ Designed for optimum comfort, replacing oversized pillows or rolled-up towels in a dignified and convenient manner.

✔️ Perfect size, shape, and softness fitting between and around boney and contracted parts of the body.

✔️ Has a hygienic fluid-resistant surface that is wipeable with your regular diluted sanitizer.

✔️ Made from high-grade medical memory foam and also comes with an added soft, washable, knitted cover.

✔️ Dimensions 30cm x 18cm x 10cm.

Water Resistant – Soft Memory Foam – Wipeable – Pressure Area Care

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12 × 12 × 1


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