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Metron Electrodes - Pack of 4

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The Ausnew Metron Electrodes are re-useable electrodes designed for comfort and durability, they provide the optimum adherence and conductivity to the skin's surface.

Pliable construction allows the electrode to mould and stick comfortably to the skin's surface whilst evenly dispersing the current to the treated area. CE Approved.

Top Quality TENS Machine Electrodes. The Metron Electrodes are ideal for TENS application.

They are self-adhesive, fabric-backed carbon-based electrodes, and are designed for comfort and even distribution over the electrode surface.

They are made with high-performance hydrogel made in the USA. Metron electrodes are suitable for use as TENS pad replacement on all machines. 4 x pcs in each pack.

✔️ Ideal for TENS & EMS applications
✔️ White fabric backed, carbon film, adhesive electrodes
✔️ Made with MultiStick Gel – even current distribution with limited current at the edge
✔️ Latex-free
✔️ No edge curl
✔️ Long Lasting

*Pack of 4


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