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Mobility Scooter Flag + Bracket (6546503106728)

Mobility Scooter Flag + Bracket

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Are you looking for a scooter accessory? Ausnew introduces the Mobility Scooter Flag + Bracket, which serves as both a design element for your scooter and a safety measure to alert large vehicles that you are on the road. Isn't it incredible? Now is the time to buy!

The Ausnew Mobility Scooter Flag + Bracket is designed an essential piece of equipment for your mobility scooter.

The mobility scooter comes with all the components you need to install and travel safely to your destination.

Compatible with most scooters equipped with a square bracket receiver.

The bright orange flag helps to increase visibility for scooter users.

✔️ Easy to attach and remove off your scooter’s seat bracket
✔️ Includes the bracket, Metal pole receiver, pins, screw knob, and a red flag pole.
✔️ Can be tightened with a side screw knob.FREE FAST DELIVERY AUSNEW HOME CARE SERVICE

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