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Mobility Scooter Lock

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Do you want to keep your scooter safe from thieves? You won't have to worry about your scooter getting stolen if you use the Ausnew Mobility Scooter Lock since it will protect it for you!

The Ausnew Mobility Scooter Lock securely locks your mobility scooter. These steps will help you reduce the risk of theft. 

Weighing less than 500 g, the Loop Lock is lightweight yet strong and easy to carry. The lock’s 2 metre cable enables you to secure your device to poles and railings and has a loop end to allow quick and easy attachment.

The Ausnew mobility lock feature allows the lock to be slip knotted onto a pole or railing. You then slip the lock head through a closed section on your scooter and secure the lock into the moveable pin.

With an easy to use key-operated lock, the Blue Badge Insurance Loop Lock is the perfect theft deterrent for your mobility scooter or wheelchair. Instructions are on the pack!

 Mostly get locked up at the Rear Wheel part.


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