Pregnancy Support Wedge - Comforting Maternity Cushion

Pregnancy Support Wedge - Comforting Maternity Cushion

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The Ausnew Pregnancy Support Wedge adjusts to any mum-to-be's body, with the curved shape of the pillow gently cradling and supporting her stomach during side sleep.

Getting a good night's sleep is easy with our unique contoured Pregnancy Support Wedge - Specially designed to support your unborn baby whilst resting or sleeping

The Pregnancy Support Wedge helps mothers to relax, reduces discomfort and it improves the quality of sleep.

✔️ Helps relieve back pain during pregnancy. 
✔️ The gently scalloped pillow 
✔️ Designed to hug the tummy and is 'open-ended' to allow room to grow.

✔️ An exclusive patented removable insert
✔️ Allows the mother to adjust the cushion 

✔️ A specially contoured shape body cushion supports your tummy. 
✔️ Completely adjustable to suit your dynamically changing body.
✔️ Relieves back pain by keeping hips and back in alignment.
✔️ Supports tummy for added comfort during pregnancy.
✔️ Designed for the medically recommended side-sleeping position.
✔️ Strategically placed support for a comfortable night's sleep.
✔️ Lessens discomfort.
✔️ Minimizes swelling.
✔️ Ideal for use as a maternity pillow for pre-natal support of pregnant women.
✔️ Allergy resistant
✔️ Removable quilt cover for easy washing.

TGA Listed Yes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No. 174453 Device: Cushion
Size 36cm x 28cm x 8cm (centre of dish, high side) x 3.5cm (low end).
Content Inner All-new 100% open cell 'breathing' urethane foam.
Inserts 1.5cm narrowing to .5cm
Quilted Cover Cotton with polyester wadding.


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