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Protector Cushion

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Are you seeking for a cushion that helps you relieve pain? Ausnew has a perfect product for you the Protector Cushion. Perfect for people needing a serious pressure and pain-relieving cushion.

The Ausnew medical-grade gel seat and wheelchair cushion made from a dry-polymer gel in a columnar structure 2.5″ deep.

Very comfortable, highly effective, durable, and long-lasting. Excellent for people with, or at risk, of pressure sores.

Perfect for people needing a serious pressure and pain-relieving cushion.

Its unique design and cellular structure allows weight to pass outwards and away from pressure points.

The areas most likely to develop pressure sores are allowed to float nearly pressure-free within the pad while the user’s weight is distributed evenly across the cushion.

Traditional cushioning technologies compress under load and “push back” causing pressure and ischemia and putting a user at risk of developing an ulcer.

The farther a foam is compressed, the harder it pushes back, meaning greater the risk of developing a sore.

This old compression strategy only attempts to slow the development of pressure sores rather than eliminating pressure points.

Air cushions have this same problem, especially as they go out of proper adjustment.

With the Protector cushion, users can sit comfortably and safer for longer.
In 10 out of 10 clinical trials, patients with stage 3 decubitus ulcers saw those sores close with the aid of our column buckling-gel technology.

Dimensions are in inches.


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