Satin Beauty Pillow - Contoured Memory Foam - Helps minimise wrinkles

Satin Beauty Pillow - Contoured Memory Foam - Helps minimise wrinkles

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The Ausnew Satin Beauty - Memory Foam Pillow with Satin Pillowcase is an Australian Made luxuriously soft pillow that cares for your complexion through the night.

Carved from super-soft Visco elastic memory foam. The Satin Beauty pillow is mildly contoured to support the head and neck evenly, thus encouraging the correct alignment of the spine during sleep.

Satin Beauty is covered in a superb quality silky satin pillowcase which frees pressure to cheeks and eyes during sleep. The satin pillowcase helps to stop those morning wrinkles.

✔️ Diffuses pressure to delicate facial contours.
✔️ Remarkably soft to the touch.
✔️ Comfort provided also perfect for women during pregnancy.
✔️ 'Breathing' open-cell Visco elastic memory foam construction.


Size 51cm long x 38cm wide x 12.5cm high side/11cm low side
Foam 100% Australian made open cell Visco elastic memory foam
Country of Manufacture Australian Made
Pillowslip size 62cm long x 50cm wide
Satin Pillow Slip First-grade Charmeuse satin made from 100% polyester satin yarn
TGA Listed Yes
Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Number No.174455 Device: Pillow
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