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Seatara Upholstered Seat (6172579922088)

Seatara Upholstered Seat

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*Upholstered Seat Only. COMMODE NOT INCLUDED.

The Ausnew Seatara WheelAble Upholstered Seat is a 17 inch width, 17 inch depth and a 20 inch height ergonomic full width seat designed to be used as a shower seat or a transport seat by the residents.

✔️  The Upholstered wheelchair seat is water resistant plastic made seat, with a cover and a 12-quart bucket which is designed in a pasting technology that is either replaced by pushing or pulling a different seat.

✔️  The seat's inner part is protected from getting wet since the material used to make it is water-resistant.

✔️  The seat provides comfort while seating has it is made completely without any holes.

✔️  It can be easily cleaned with minimum effort.

✔️  The upholstered seat serves the residents by enhancing comfort while using them.

✔️  The seat is large to accommodate various residents with minimal struggle.

✔️ provides the residents with a convenient and versatile toileting solution that greatly takes care of their hygiene.

Choosing the best upholstery seating that suits the needs of the user is the key to keeping the residents active in their surroundings. 

*Upholstered Seat Only. COMMODE NOT INCLUDED.

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