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Silicone Gel Wheelchair Cushion (7580549153005)

Silicone Gel Wheelchair Cushion

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Do you have pain in your neck and shoulders? Don't be concerned! Because Ausnew has a product called the Ausnew Silicone Gel Wheelchair Cushion that can help you with your problem.
The Ausnew Silicone Gel Wheelchair Cushion is a pure gel wheelchair cushion that distributes the pressure uniformly throughout the base of the cushion and cradles bony areas.

Peak pressures are reduced dramatically and provide the skin with more protection. Preventing heat build-up, gel cushion helps combat micro-climate.

Ensures the close molding of the contours in the sacrum area whilst at the same time helping to eliminate friction.

Polyurethane cover is Anti-mites, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-odor, anti-stain, breathable, fireproof, waterproof, soft, and washable.

The gel wheelchair cushion features a polyurethane cover that is antibacterial, anti-mites, and anti-fungal. It prevents the growth of organisms that could potentially harm the user. The material is also anti-odor and anti-stain, which is helpful in preventing possible infections.

The filling of this cushion is made up of a generous layer of high-grade, premium supporting silicone gel, which is incredibly soft and supporting, molding to your body shape instead of bulking under it. The gel cushion easily distributes the pressure uniformly throughout the base of the cushion.

The gel wheelchair cushion has a polyurethane cover that is waterproof for easy cleaning, breaths well, and has high flexibility and strength as well as being soft to touch.

This cushion provides the utmost comfort to the user with its brilliant innovation, the silicone gel filling. The neutral gel properties prevent heat build-up during use and keep the body cool. The outer fabric is soft and breathable, prevents friction and pressure sores, and gives a high level of support to the body.

The gel cushion is made of premium quality that it retains its good quality and shape and does not permanently deform when used for the long term. It always regains its supporting shape after prolonged usage.

Width: 45cm
Depth: 42cm
Height: 3.5cm
Capacity: 120 kg

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